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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 19, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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equipment, secured entrance, metal detectors and other important safety measures. >> i think it's a wonderful idea that the federal government is looking to expand funding for school security. >> reporter: school security expert ken trump says after the columbine shootings in 1999, security was also a priority then. since, he says, funding has dropped off. he points out that teachers at sandy hook elementary actually had lockdown training and the school had a surveillance system at the front door. while it didn't stop the shooter, it did delay him. >> it's extremely tough to look at sandy hook and believe that the security systems and the training worked. they certainly didn't have the desired outcome of saving everyone, but the outcome could have been four times worse had they not had the measures that they did in place. >> reporter: senator boxer had some other ideas, as well. she wants the national guard to get involved in school security. she says they have the training and the familiarity with
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thousands of communities across this country. now, they would not replace local law enforcement of course. but she believes that they could help support them. >> thank you. all the talk about automatic and semi-automatic weapons leaves people to wonder the difference. phil matier reports. >> reporter: one visit to the evidence room gives you a good idea of how many guns are on the streets of america and often the difference between a legal and illegal gun comes down to how many bullets it can fire how quickly. >> this is an assault rifle. >> reporter: it started out as a legal semi-automatic which means -- >> you have to depress the trigger each time you want to fire. >> reporter: then the size of the clip.
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>> in the state of california you can't have more than ten rounds in any firearm. >> reporter: the same for handguns. >> the capacity of the magazine dictates if it now becomes illegal. this is a high capacity magazine. this carries 30 rounds of ammunition. this can be inserted into this weapon and now it becomes an illegal weapon. it's not difficult at all. >> reporter: to give you an idea what that means. >> this is our magazine compared to the magazine that a criminal may use. >> reporter: but even on this point, the size of a clip, the debate is expected to be intense. >> ha. [ laughter ] >> the argument against that is that it is a diminution of freedom of firearms owners to make their own choices. >> reporter: but in day-to-day crime isn't it the handgun that's still the most commonly useed. >> that's correct. >> maybe. >> reporter: but as the professor notes on handguns the nation is divided.
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>> on the one hand, the handgun is the predominant weapon of abuse in the united states. but millions and millions of households also use them for self-defense. >> reporter: and that is one of the key issues. now, it's interesting, the rest of the nation is going to debate whether to follow california's example both on the clip size and on the amanda assault rifles. but as this debate goes on, gun stores are reporting record sales. >> there's been a lot of misinformation, including from the media. i'm glad we are doing the stories so people know the difference. >> no matter what you call them, the real question comes down to the fire power and a big thing on the magazines size. the bigger the bullet size and
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the more rounds you can get off and the faster you can change that can make a critical difference in an ugly shooting like this because of in it takes you a little long -- because if it takes you a little longer to change that clip, some people can get away. >> i'm sure the conversation will continue. thank you, phil matier. traffic slammed to a halt on a busy bay area highway today after someone started taking shots at a u.s. marine recruiter. this happened on highway 85 in cupertino just south of de anza boulevard. the victim told police that he was headed south about 1:00 this afternoon when one of the windows of his government vehicle suddenly shattered and when he pulled over to check it out he learned that it was no accident. >> gets notices there is a possible from one of back of the windows. he pulls over and discovers he has been shot at more than once multiple times. >> several bullets also struck the side of the car. southbound lanes had to be closed for more than an hour.
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investigators combed over the scene. still not sure whether the marine was specifically targeted but since his uniform was covered by a jacket and his car was unmarked, they believe it was random. san francisco's improving housing market is proving to be a bust for some people living in rent controlled apartments. an increasing number of them are seeing ellis act evictions even during the holidays. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez explains. >> i have lived here since 1975. >> reporter: 63-year-old robert davis vietnam veteran bluegrass musician received a letter. >> the owner of the building intends to perform extensive renovations. >> reporter: telling him he has to leave his apartment. he says he is finding it impossible to find a new place anywhere in the city especially considering he has been under rent control for so long. can't anyone help him relocate? >> if you are homeless and you're a drug addict, perhaps they will help you. but if you like me and paid
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your rent every day for 40 years and been basically a good guy, there is no help. >> reporter: his landlord is ee investigating davis employing the ellis act, a warning man dade by law that gives renters a heads up that the landlord is planning something different with the property. the ellis act restricts landlords from kick everyone out then raising the rent. >> hey hey, ho ho! [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: activists held a demonstration at 18th and castro this afternoon saying they are highlighting the fact that there's been a sharp increase in ellis act ee visions in recent months. they say some 27 city landlords have informed tenants they are getting evicted. that includes 17 buildings in the mission alone. bad news in the holiday season. >> i would love to have my daughter raised in san francisco. we can't officially afford it if we're ellis act moved out. >> reporter: according to the rent board there have been about 176 ellis act evictions this year, half the level from
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five years ago. but sharply up from the last few years leaving some renters no choice but to move out. casualties of a real estate market now booming in the city. joe vazquez, cbs 5. >> other bay area headlines tonight, some cupertino preschoolers spent the afternoon behind locked doors while police searched for a wanted man outside. we are told it was just a precaution and students at good samaritan preschool were never in any danger. police are not saying much about the suspect except that he was wanted for a crime committed in neighboring sunnyvale. in albany a shooting suspect who barricaded himself in his apartment was arrested after an all-night standoff. police say 62-year-old kent stinson reportedly shot at two people with a pellet gun around 12:45 this morning. he was arrested peacefully eight hours later. a .22-caliber rifle was found in his apartment. in campbell, firefighters discovered a body inside a burning storage unit after they
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put out the flames early this morning. investigators say that unit on cunis drive was about the size of a walk-in closet. they think the victim may have been sleeping there. foul play is not suspected. bitter cold tonight and another change is on the horizon. julie watts is in for meteorologist paul deanno with more on the chilly temperatures coming our way. >> the good news is if i are tired of chilly temperatures we're going to see more mild temperatures. but they come are ran and wind. one or the other. they come with rain and wind. outside temperatures dropping rapidly this evening. right now current temperatures anywhere from low 40s to low 50s. certainly a bit more mild by the bay in oakland and san francisco where we're around 50. temperatures dropping overnight not as chilly as yesterday. temperatures for most folks likely in the mid- to upper 30s although a few spots will likely hit freezing. the rain returns tomorrow afternoon and we stay wet and windy through the extended
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forecast. i'll have details coming up in a bit. >> thank you. >> done nothing for us but try to bring us down. >> shut down because of prostitution. why a notorious bay area motel looks like it will reopen. >> just one day out of the blue they were all gone. >> a rash of bizarre bay area thefts. what used to be here on the sidewalk. >> and are you getting overcharged at the checkout line? the big grocery chain that was found to make more mistakes than other stores. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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south bay. today sheriffs identified a third suspect the case. in new details about the abduction of a happened did i man in the south bay. that -- handyman in the south bay. a third suspect was identified. investigators say the victim was lured into a morgan
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hillmantion this month, held hostage, beaten and forced to make repairs. after six hours they all got into the victim's truck and went to the suspect's mother's house for more repairs. the handyman escaped when they stopped at a gas station. sheriff's deputies arrested these two suspects as they pulled out. and today investigators identified this third suspect, richard rodriguez, jr. he lives in alameda and is wanted for assault and false imprisonment. it's been called a front for a brothel. the owner of an east bay motel wants to reopen after it was closed due complaints abou prostitution. cbs 5 reporter da lin reports on how the other thanker says things will be different this time at the economy motel. >> reporter: under a shutdown order this motel economy inn been shut down until july 31. the owner promises to turn things around and now he has asked a judge to allow him to
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take down that fence and reopen early. neighbors here say no. >> neighbors say this was a place of misery a hub for prostitution and child sex trafficking. >> her pimp he followed her and actually beat her up on the side of our building. it was pretty gruesome. >> young woman had to jump out of the third story to get away. >> reporter: one time a pimp walked out of a hotel to harass a student. >> followed me to convince me it come with him. >> reporter: that's why neighbors and businesses in this lake merritt neighborhood want economy inn to remain closed. the motel owner and his attorneys met with neighbors to talk about changes. >> we work together and change the neighborhood with major problems. >> reporter: an out-of-state hotel management company would
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run economy inn. he would designate one room as a police substation so officers could monitor the place. he would also set up 16 cameras. neighbors aren't convinced. >> he owned that property for close to 35 years. i have never seen it in my time there be anything but a brothel. >> why would i think after all those years after allowing all that to happen and not caring about our community that all of a sudden it's changed. >> reporter: robin glover is the principal at dewey continuation high school which is located in front of economy inn. >> people come here for a second chance and so we want to steer them in the right direction. >> reporter: the motel owner attorney says the motel was never the problem. it was the neighborhood that caused the problems. >> nomo tell can rise distinctly above the neighborhood so the neighborhood has to rise along with the motel. >> this is the 260 page petition the owner filed asking the judge to allow him to reopen early and from the folks
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who are familiar with the case, they tell me that because of the new security measures, the owner proposed, it's likely the judge will have very little choice but to grant his request. the judge has set up a hearing date on january 16. back to you. >> thank you. police in the east bay are trying to dig up dirt on a thief with an unusual target. someone has been snatching potted plants from homes and businesses in the clay court area. one cell phone store on clayton road has lost four since last year. now they have to haul them inside every night. >> can't be too careful. you have to even watch out for your plants. >> they are expensive to replace. we water them, take care of them, kind of get attached. >> a few years back another thief was caught on camera plundering plants from a concord business. he was arrested later trying to sell them at a flea market. when was the last time you
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checked your grocery receipt? being overcharged is common. in a story you'll see only on cbs 5, julie watts discovered safeway was found to make more mistakes than any other california grocery store. >> reporter: i heard that there is a policy that if you charge higher than the lowest advertised price you get the item free under $5 and if it's over $5 you get a gift card. >> i haven't heard that. >> reporter: that's the policy at safeway and southern california von stores. the result of a 2008 lawsuit after a statewide investigation found the same thing back then, we are still finding today widespread overcharges. we went shopping at five safeway stores and were overcharged five times. and we have since discovered we're not alone. we compiled data from more than 1800 scanner inspections at safeway-operated stores in 31 california counties and 11 different states. in california alone, inspectors were overcharged on 1 out of
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every 50 items purchased over the past five years. a spokesman claims this places a store quote within the industry norm but last year it was 12% higher than grocery stores inspected statewide. >> it's not shocking. >> reporter: the ftc points to safeway's complex combination of club prices, personalized deals and short-run sales. he says with more price fluctuation comes more opportunity for error. and that can benefit the store's bottom line. >> changing prices all the time generates a certain level of confusion by consumers and that works to the store's advantage because they are getting the benefit of having drawn someone in with a sale price. >> a price he says the store is legally obligated to get right. >> none of this is top secret. but you don't need to be nasa or the cia to figure out how to get the prices right. if stores are not eager to do it on their own then it's up to
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enforcement agencies to force them to do it. >> reporter: there have been three lawsuits. since the most recent in 2008, records show they continue to fail scanner inspections by overcharging in nearly three- quarters of the reporting counties not including another 9 counties which denied us access to the documents citing open investigations. the remaining counties have done no inspections at all. at what point does the fcc step in and say the d.a. can sue but if safeway doesn't abide by the judgment, it's pointless? >> i can't comment on whether or not there is any current ftc action involving safeway or any other company. >> reporter: neither can the california division of measure elementary standards. but last year, the agency performed a statewide price verification survey of various retailers. it found many stores make scanner errors. in fact, some are in your favor. but the grocery stores inspected for the survey were nearly twice as likely to err in their favor and overcharge instead of undercharge. by comparison, safeway stores
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were four times as likely to overcharge than undercharge. that's according to county inspections conducted the same year. scanner issues extend far beyond california. safeway operates stores in 20 states under a variety of names. inspections show even higher failure rates in three other states yet california is still the only one to take legal action and many states have no inspections at all. >> the best way to protect yourself is to protect yourself. >> reporter: while the ftc is responsible for federal protection, you should check your receipts. ask to get your overcharged items free. although it does take dedication. >> i don't do that here. they do it over there. >> reporter: we spent a total of 30 minutes atticus mer service in just three stores attempting to get our overcharged items for free. >> shouldn't i get it for free because i was overcharged. >> i never seen that. >> no. >> reporter: at the end of the
6:20 pm
day only one store agreed. >> awe can do that. >> reporter: they say they have been retrained on the policy but employees said they were trained not to offer an overcharged item for free unless a customer asked. safeway says it's committed to eliminating pricing errors and never intends to overcharge customers. it doesn't think the numbers we compiled accurately reflect its actual performance. for the store's full response go to >> so is anyone else investigating this? >> reporter: you heard, the ftc's response. they have no comment. but the state denied our request for a large number of documents which likely means those documents are part of an ongoing investigation. our report was forwarded to each county's department of weights and measures and they now have open investigations. >> thank you. coming up in just a couple of minutes, i'll be right back with your pinpoint forecast. look, if you have copd like me,
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well, we're going from chilly temperatures to wet and windy weather. a little bit of something for everybody in that forecast. all right. let's go ahead and take a live look outside. here's a live look over san jose where temperatures are dropping this evening. temperatures will get down to around the 40-degree mark there. certainly closer to the freezing mark inland and farther south. this is just the beginning. you can see a weak high in place right now. that's what's keeping our skies clear for now. but waiting in the wings rain returns as this weather system makes its way in. we are going to start to see the first bandof showers moving in. this is thursday morning most
6:24 pm
us stay dry. as we advance on into the afternoon hours, very slow- moving. it starts to sink south and it will continue to move in during the overnight hours and on into wednesday. a winter storm watch in effect thursday afternoon through friday. snow levels starting around 1,000 feet and then increasing to 3,000 by friday afternoon. we are talking 6 to 13" of new snow. grab those chains if you are heading up to the high country. winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour but wind speeds sustained anywhere from 10 to 20 for the most part. down here in the bay area, temperatures will be relatively mild. we're talking mid- to upper 50s for most folks. dry for most of the day tomorrow. it's the afternoon that first band. showers moves n once it does though we stay wet and windy through the weekend. we do have one day in this forecast where we dry out. i'm going to hold off and keep that for you for the back half of the show. i'll let you know when that is and just how long this rain lasts coming up later on in the show. >> all right. thank you. coming up in our next half hour, the response to the
6:25 pm
report of a gunman on campus. tonight we're going to ask, did law enforcement react appropriately last night at san jose city college? >> and how the school shooting in connecticut inspires random acts of kindness. >> and it's supposed to do a body good but is it bad to drink too much milk? why there's a new recommended limit. ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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massive police response triggered by a report of a gunman on a ba they learned some good lessons. >> new details on a massive police response triggered by a report of a gunman on a bay area college campus. and why those in charge say they could have done better. the san jose city college campus was locked down for hours. no gunman was found. cbs 5 reporter mark sayre tells us some valuable lessons were learned. >> reporter: when the call reporting a gunman on the san jose city college campus came into the campus police dispatch office, there was no way to know if the call was a hoax or the real thing. but campus police chief says in this day and age launching a full response and locking down buildings is the only choice. >> you have to take every call
6:29 pm
seriously, whether it ends up being unfounded or a prank or a joke or being the real thing. every call that's potentially violent in nature has to be treated very, very seriously. >> reporter: responding to an active shooter is something that is now plans for by campus authorities. for san jose city college and evergreen valley college those emergency plans are outlined in these thick binders. >> so about 4:15 she notified me that there was a possible gunman on campus. >> reporter: rita is chancellor and says the training for the most part worked. >> they learned some good lessons. they barricaded classrooms, cut off shutters, turned down lights. you become an active participant and don't just hide somewhere because you're sort of a sitting target for lack of a better term. >> reporter: even though a three-hour search revealed nothing, authorities say they can do better. for one, it took about a half hour for students to be
6:30 pm
notified of the lockdown by text message. >> you can never shave the time enough. if you can do it one minute after the incident is reported so much the better. >> reporter: authorities also learned they need administrators to have special jackets or bright vests so those in charge can be clearly identified. i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. >> in newtown, connecticut, four more victims of the elementary school shooting were laid to rest today. cbs reporter randall pinkston shows us how firefighters paid tribute to a boy who wanted to grow up to be like them. >> reporter: hundreds of firefighters formed a long line outside a church in newtown, connecticut, for the funeral of daniel barden. the 7-year-old wanted to grow up to be a firefighter. his was one of three funerals from the shook shook shooting. caroline previdi and charlotte bacon were also laid to rest. bagpipes also played for 27- year-old teacher victoria soto,
6:31 pm
as mourners packed a church in nearby stratford for her funeral. soto has been hailed as a hero for shielding her students from the gunman. >> she gave her life for those kids. it's it breaks my heart. >> reporter: connecticut's governor has declared friday a day of mourning asking houses of worship to ring their bells 26 times at 9:30 a.m. one time for each victim of the sandy hook shooting marking one week since their deaths. well-wishers placed more stuffed animals at the memorial set up to honor the 20 children and 6 teachers. >> makes me really sad. i mean, we brought the stuffed animals because we wanted to give the children a christmas. >> i had twin girls that are 6 years old and in elementary school and it really hit hard. >> reporter: many say seeing all the flowers balloons and candles and toys is sad but also inspiring. >> when you see this display that you know that there's still love in the world. >> reporter: an outpouring of
6:32 pm
support for families enduring immeasurable loss. in newtown, connecticut, randall pinkston, cbs 2 news. >> what can i do? a question being asked by many following the school shooting. a former marine stood guard at a school. one paid the toll for 26 commuters. cbs 5 reporter john ramos explains the 26 acts of kindness sweeping social networks around the country. >> reporter: the horror of what happened in connecticut last week has left an entire nation shaken and wonder, what can be done about it? >> imagine if everyone could commit to doing one act of kindness for each precious life lost, an act of kindness big or small. are you in? >> reporter: nbc newswoman curry says she was feeling a bit powerless when she tweeted this suggestion and the world has taken notice. >> it caught my eye but, you know, i say that's a good idea. maybe it will make people better, happier. >> reporter: now the idea has picked up steam and people all
6:33 pm
over the country have begun performing 26 acts of unexpected kindness to strangers and posting their lists as they go. small things like buying doughnuts for an office or leaving a cheerful note for the garbage collector. >> this morning, i bought coffee for the people behind me again. and just toll the cashier to say that it was on the house. >> you don't mo what to do to help and this is something to just like make a difference and kind of pass it on. >> can be contagious like all this bad stuff has been contagious. i'm hoping 26 acts will catch on and people will take care of each other. [ screaming and crying ] >> reporter: when so much of what goes viral online today seems silly and pointless, this has the ability to show off man's better side and cal state east bay professor grant keyan says this is the real power of social networks. >> but the media certainly enabled us to in a sense grieve together and recognize, you know, in a kind of ritualistic
6:34 pm
sense that we all do care and this we are expressing some concerns as a society for what has happened. >> just kind of affirms that there is good in people and that we all could have an outlook where things are better. >> reporter: and while 26 acts of kindness won't change the world, they may change the way we feel about it. in walnut creek, john ramos, cbs 5. thousands of people lined up in san francisco today just to get groceries for a holiday meal. they started waiting well before dawn for the glide grocery bag giveaway. glide memorial feeds the hungry every day of the year but says today was a little different. >> touching to be able to see people are so appreciative to be able to get, you know, a great meal that they can be able to serve to the families and understanding how hard it is especially in these times. >> glide and its partner in this the gap gave out about
6:35 pm
6,000 bags by the end of the day. that's 500 more than anticipated. it's a great source of vitamin d and calcium but tonight a warning. don't drink too much. why excessive amounts of milk could be bad. >> and the real story behind this video showing an eagle snatching a baby. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:37 pm
and it does. but too much, can be too much of a good t. han they say milk does a body good but a little too much can be too much of a good thing. some researchers studied more than 1300 young children and they found that two cups. milk a day is a great source of vitamin d and calcium. but more than that can actually
6:38 pm
have some negative impacts. >> excessive amounts of milk which was more like three to four cups a day or more was associated with a decreased sera tin level associated with the iron stores in your body. >> iron plays a critical role in early brain development. but there are plenty of ways other than milk for kids to pick up a little extra vitamin d. fatty fish like salmon are a good source so is spending time outside in the sunshine. you might have seen it by now. the video gone viral of an eagle snatching up a baby. take a look. you can see the large bird swooping down picking up the little guy. carrying it a few feet and dropping it. there is debate over authenticity. it's not real. the video was made by students at a production school in candfor a 3-d animation class. no one needs to worley about this happening. bird experts say there is no way an eagle can actually lift a child and you can see the
6:39 pm
full video on our website, >> always coming out at something else. an east bay mother thought of these prepared for the worst. >> i froze. i know cpr which i thought i did. >> what she is doing now to make sure that even the youngest first responders are ready in a medical emergency. >> and we have another chilly evening in store. but just one more night big change is on the way. we are timing out went and windy weather coming up. 49ers quarterback is on top of the nfl tonight. i'm dennis o'donnell. we'll tell you why. and harbaugh versus pete carroll. this is not exactly a hallmark moment for two of the nfl's most fiery coaches. and that's coming up. ,,,,,,
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this week's jefferson award winner has made it her missn to teach children how to respond. and as sharon chin reports, she's equipped thousands of kids to save a life. do you know what to do if someone collapses from heart trouble? sharon chin reports, this week's jefferson award winner has equipped thousands of kids
6:43 pm
to save a life. you are the first responder. you are that person's lifeline. reporter: monique bradley's message comes from her heart. >> i want them to know that if someone collapses, it is your duty to save their lives. >> reporter: her lesson stems from tragedy. her 15-year-old son darius collapsed playing competitive basketball in 2009 and everyone froze. >> i froze. i know c pr, which i thought i did. but i hadn't practiced it or used it. but when it happens to someone you love, it goes out the window. >> reporter: monique says darius was one of 7,000 young people nationwide who die when their heart suddenly stops. many cardiac arrest cases like his come from undiagnosed conditions. >> up, up, up, up,staying alive... >> reporter: in her son's honor monique founded the darius jones foundation in 2010.
6:44 pm
the pittsburg-based nonprofit teaches east bay students hands- only cpr. >> it has become my life's mission, my purpose. >> reporter: pam dodson of contra costa county emergency medical services leads the cpr class with monique's help. today they are teaching 6 through 8th graders at saint catherine of siena school in martinez where darius had graduated. >> she has been such an inspiration. she has taken this and she inspired us to do more. >> press the button. >> reporter: monique's nonprofit also donates automated external defibrillators to save kids' lives. when a person has sudden cardiac arrest, it analyzes it and gives instruction. in the last three years in contra costa county, when a layperson has used an aed, there's been a 53% survival rate. monique has donated more than aeds to -- more than 30 aeds to schools, paid for through
6:45 pm
fundraisers with american medical response ambulance service and students by bryan binayas take the training to heart. >> if there's something who needs my help i can help them. >> reporter: it's darius' legacy. >> i told him, always do the right thing. and this is the right thing. our children are our future. >> reporter: so for educating and equipping east bay children to save victims of sudden cardiac arrest, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to monique bradley. sharon chin, cbs 5. and sharon tells us that darius jones foundation is in need of volunteers and sponsors and if you can help, you can connectp connect with thing using the link on click the "connect" button at the top of the page, then jefferson awards to find our story on monique. julie watts moving hard in for paul deanno. now we are going from cold to rainy and windy. >> yes, ma'am. you're going to want to bundle
6:46 pm
up even though the temperatures are warming up. big changes in the fork through christmas. out side clear, cool, one more evening looking at the calm before the storm. we have a weak area of high pressure holding off the approaching storm system. this will move in for the second half the day on thursday. and as it does, that rain band will slowly fill in and bringing with it some windy conditions. we are talking anywhere from 15 to 20-mile-per-hour winds thursday, friday, even on into saturday. timing out the rain for you this is 3:00 thursday afternoon. you can see that rain band begin to make its way into the north bay. as we advance on through overnight and into friday, notice how the rain spreads in. and again, we are adding wind, as well. scattered showers yours soggy day, second round of rain moves in and we'll continue like this through sunday and even into monday. pinpoint forecast overnight. yes, these temperatures are
6:47 pm
still chilly know. chilly for most folks. mid- to upper 30s for most folks some areas will still get down to that freezing mark. certainly some williams -- the farther south you travel we have a freeze warning, as well. for highs tomorrow more mild. we are talking anywhere from mid- to upper 50s throughout the bay area. this is really the temperature range for some time but the big story tomorrow is the rain. tomorrow dry for the day, rain moves in friday and we stay soggy on into sunday. wind does diminish. monday we are going to keep scattered showers in the forecast but i have a little christmas gift for you. that's right. we get one dry day and that will be tuesday christmas at least right now the extended forecast does look to stay dry for christmas. but it is short-lived. the rain had return for our extended forecast heading on into wednesday. now it is time for a very special part of the evening.
6:48 pm
we have our "food for bay area families" presentation with four special guests. we have three pittsburg junior high principal. eric, anthony and angela. instead of a check, you have a visual aid here. i hear there was a bit of a competition between the three of you. >> yes, there was. >> and who won? >> rancho madonna. >> okay. how much food did you gather? >> rancho madonna checked 1400 pounds. >> i have to think this was difficult to get the kids to gather this much food. how did you you do it? >> we did it through competitions within our schools and thought of competing with the other schools. but most of all, it was the thought of getting the kids to care and to be compassionate and to give to the community. >> how did the kids respond? did you really see that spirit of giving? >> oh, yes. absolutely. it's been a life skill that we talked about, the spirit of caring so that just made it easier. >> accepting this donation is
6:49 pm
of course larry flag executive director of the food bank of contra costa and solano counties. larry, how many people will this food serve? >> this is phenomenal. this is going to be about 2,000 meals that we'll be able to share with people in the community and what these kids did putting this together and helping share probably with other kids in their own school is amazing. >> thank you all so much for all that you do and if you would like to donate at home -- a big round of applause -- you can do that on our website, head to we'll be right back. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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the nfc player of the week award... colin kaepernick??t five. kapernick joined tom brady d peyton manning as the only r istory it took alex smith 75 starts to win the player of the week, colin kaepernick just five. he threw for four touchdown passes at gillette stadium in new england. alex smith won the award on october 29th after beating the cardinals in arizona. a week later he lost his job to colin kaepernick. the 49ers are gearing up for the showdown against seattle sunday night. much has been made over the years about harbaugh's rivalry with the seahawks coach pete carroll that dates back to their days at stanford and usc. >> certain characteristics... [ inaudible ]
6:53 pm
>> i don't remember getting any cards from him. [ laughter ] >> at the holidays. [ inaudible ] 855 battery... >> he needs his own prime time show. carroll's hallmark card was lost in the mail but for us it showed up here at 855 battery. harbaugh's mailbox is probably always full of cards from david shaw who took over the stanford program from harbaugh a couple of years ago. today shaw signed a long-term deal with stanford. he guided the cardinals to back- to-back bcs games and will play in the rose bowl on new year's eve. terms of the extension weren't announced but shaw hinted he is here to stay. >> it goes for a while, which is good. [ inaudible ] >> i hope so.
6:54 pm
>> is a roman numeral v? >> put it this way. i want to be coaching here until my kids graduate from here. and i have a 2-year-old. [ laughter ] >> that's great stuff. holding on to the number one ranking for the first time since 2005 taking on south carolina. who had a two-point lead with two minutes to go. tied at 45 under a minute left roof just gets it to fall and stanford holds on to the ranking barely 53-49 and they remain undefeated. that game just ended. now, usually coaches are supposed to up lift and guide their players. but casa grande basketball coach james forney has leaned on his basketball team for inspiration during the hardest times of his life. >> the ball, hands up, hand up. >> keep your hands out of the mix. >> make sure you're talking back there. >> reporter: 33-year-old james forney is in his element while
6:55 pm
coaching the casa grande varsity basketball team. >> what matters most is your team. never think about yourself tonight. >> reporter: the last five years haven't been easy for him. >> not only we didn't get fouled, they are going to body you up toe to toe. >> reporter: after going for a routine physical in 2007, he was diagnosed with momentum after doctors sampled the growth on his back. he had back surgery to remove six lymph nodes. >> at that time i was under the impression to kind of go on living life and, you know, hey this could pop up again later but things kind of looked good. >> reporter: but he wasn't in the clear. forney had the melanoma come back twice after that initial diagnosis the latest in june of this year. >> i was in the shower and i ran -- i had the soap going ran my arm through my right armpit and felt a big lump in there. the one they took out under my arm was the size of a softball. they did high dose interferon. it makes you feel really bad. it's like the flu.
6:56 pm
it's like the flu time 100. >> reporter: despite the ups and downs of treatments he hasn't let it take him away from his players. >> made it to all 28 games last year. >> he walking proof you can't let it bring you done for yourself. you're still fighting for us. >> he never gives up. he shows up every day with a smile on his face ready to go. >> they knew they couldn't say i'm tired or hurt. they got to see it right in front of their face. this disease doesn't know any boundaries. age, gender, it doesn't know any of that. this disease tries to break your spirit every second every every day so it's to know you got an army behind you and i have one impressive apartment behind me. >> forney is not in remission yet. he said he vows not to go back on those drugs. it made him feel so sick all the time. but you saw those pennants on the wall? that's a winning tradition. >> he's a fighter. >> three times he battled this. >> our best to him. captions by: caption colorado ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all for coming. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. ha ha ha! thank you very much. thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for the fourth day with a total $21,655, from woodstock, georgia, it's the ianitello family, and out of huntsville, alabam-t


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